New Website and New Blog • Post Uno

For a few years I had been using a GraphPaper Press wordpress theme for my website. It looked great and I loved it for the most part. There were some snigglets here and there that annoyed me but all in all I was quite happy with it. But I got the bug to switch it all up a couple of weeks ago. I had been eyeing the ProPhoto options as they are a huge player in the photographer’s market in regards to website. Problem with their product was that so many of the websites created by those that by into them look very similar. My old website was quite unique and I wanted to retain that uniqueness but not at the expense of learning how to be a web developer. So, I looked around and kept coming back to ProPhoto.

The thing that grabbed me about ProPhoto was that they have many developers developing add-on themes for their base product. Enough that it can drive you nuts looking through them all. But the digging is fun and worth the effort. I stumbled upon LaLune Creative whose designs really caught my eye. I appreciate minimalist design and their designs looked great. Clean, simple and intuitive.

It’s not a route for the budget minded photographer. With ProPhoto running $199 (keep in mind they include quite a few templates in that base package) and the add-on designs with varying prices this can easily run you $300… and you still need someone to host the site. Well I figure that I will have this site for awhile and it will pay for itself in time. So, the cost was fair in my opinion for what I received. In less that 24 hours I had my new site up and fully functioning.

Is it the most unique design? Maybe not but it is unique enough that I hope it stands out. I love it for its clean straight forward look. The site also works just like I need it to which was not the case with my previous site. Sometimes you just have to choose your battles and live with what you get even though it may not be “perfect”.

So here it is… it is still a work in progress and quite honestly will remain one through its life.

I read today that ProPhoto is releasing ProPhoto 5 tomorrow. I am hoping there are some inroads for a reduced price seeing as how I bought this all about two weeks ago. I am interested in seeing what it all brings.

Thanks for stopping by… I appreciate it.

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