A Photographer’s Memorial Weekend

It’s Memorial Day Weekend. A time to give some thought to something that may seem very far from some of us, and our day to day lives. To others it may seem like a fresh wound that seems as if it will never heal. Yet, to others it brings memories that tug deeply at their heart bringing forth tears, smiles and maybe some laughter. It is a time we remember those who serve this country, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice of themselves for the sake of our safety, well being and the preservation of our country and all for which it stands. It’s a time to remember those who indeed gave their very lives for this same exact reason. It’s a sacred time for many. Thank you to all who have served, you are the foundation for which this country sets upon.

This also happened to be the weekend of my first wedding of the season. Something I approached with mild in-trepidation due to the back injury I suffered at the start of this year. That injury and time of healing made me consider what the year might look like for me, a busy wedding photographer. Hours on my feet, bending, reaching, packing, unpacking… wedding days are very physical. I am so very grateful to the promptings of my wife Deb, who got me in to see a chiropractor. I was one of those that always dismissed the “value” of a chiropractor over a medical doctor. Having been on both sides, seeking help from either, I can tell you that the chiropractor did much more for me than the medical side ever did. We started with X-Rays at the chiro… something the medical side never deemed necessary. Muscle relaxors and pain pills have their place but they are no fix for such a physical problem. My chiro (Dr. Guy Martin at the Chiro Center in Robbinsdale) has worked on me weekly since the turn of the year. So, with my first wedding of the season in the bag, meaning 11 hours on my feet, I am happy to say my back was fine… my thigh muscles… not so good. Something more to work on I think… but muscles are easy… the spine, not so much. I feel much more physically healthy than I have in the last 8 years probably. Thank you Dr. Guy!

So here is a shot, straight out of the camera, from my first wedding of the season. This is a moment from Kjersti and Sal’s “first sight” which happened at the Klub Haus, their wedding venue.

Kjersti and Sal-1

I love that shot! What a cute, kind and gracious couple.

I like to reward myself for a job well done so today, Monday, Deb and I stopped at Barnes and Noble to do some shopping. I love to read and have read many long, and even difficult, books but i find that as I grow older my attention span is not as it was and I quickly jump around in my focus. More often than not, my attention being drawn away by music and photography… or the cats. I now take extraordinary amounts of time to read books. Almost ashamedly I will admit as long as years, as I put it down and pick it up. I try to pick books with such a story that can stand the test of that time so that when I return I remember and can fall right back in. I am weird that way, but it suits me well. So, today we stopped at B&N and the image below details what I bought. I gravitated towards nature for the most part and longings to be lost (not literally) up in northern Minnesota. Peace is a huge thing in my life and I find huge peace, in northern Minnesota. I also like elephants so Modoc jumped right off the shelf at me. I am not sure when I will get through them all… thankfully two are filled with pictures, but I will get through them eventually.

But for now… I need to work on Kjersti and Sal’s wedding pictures because, after all, I am still a wedding photographer.


Book Store Day-1


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