Arizona 2009

Wow… a month has passed since the last post. I will just say I have been busy and immediately I feel the guilt slide away 🙂 Deb and I enjoyed our trip to Arizona last month. This was our 5th trip out there… at least for me. I love it out there, especially Sedona and neighboring towns. Here is just a wide smattering of shots I took out there. Many (many not shown here) are for sale on my AdoraPro site

I have been once again hard at work on building my post processing. Getting the shot is just a small piece of the final product… well not that small a piece but less time goes into that then goes into the work afterwards.

Trying to build a business plan for this passion is not my forte. I am working at it but it is slow and I am not getting any younger. So I hope I can chart a course here pretty darned soon and get this train a rollin’.

I think I will have another post soon so I will keep this one short.

Parting thought: it is feeling like Summer out there. I cannot wait to see what sort of imagery I capture this Summer. “It’s all coming together now” woo hoo.

Peace everyone. B

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