Carlson Towers Rotunda Wedding | Christy and Reid

Christy and Reid’s Carlson Towers Rotunda Wedding was my first wedding of this year. It was also the first wedding my wife Deb shot alongside me from start to finish. It was an amazing way to kick off this season. I knew Christy and Reid’s wedding was going to be awesome. They are such a cute and fun couple… it is obvious they were made for each other. I had not photographed a wedding at the Carlson Towers before but I had been there and knew it was gorgeous. A wedding there almost takes on an air of royalty. Very majestic with all the marble, the columns and the wonderful architecture.
I had photographed Christy and Reid’s engagement session late last Summer. I knew from my time with them that they both had a great sense of humor as well as a great love of sports and fitness. What I also found out at their wedding was that they have a great love of friends and family and that love is wholly reciprocated.
Things moved very fast that day. We were not allowed venue access until mid-afternoon afternoon. I think from the time we entered until the time we were shooting was 15 minutes. Usually we get a bit more time than that but it was what it was, and as is always the case, we go with the flow. Although time being constrained as it was everything went off like clockwork and we got all the shots we needed out of the way pre-ceremony.
I don’t have to tell you how awesome these two looked, the photos speak for themselves. Everything and everyone looked great… like a storybook.
Deb was great to have alongside me for this wedding given the pace and the setting.
I honestly could not imagine a better way to start off my 2014 wedding season than to photograph this wedding.
Thank you Christy and Reid for inviting us to shoot your wedding. It was a huge blessing to us to be a part of your very special day.

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