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In the midst of processing Jillian and Brent’s wedding I came to their First Sight (or First Look).
I had to share.

Some couples choose to do a first sight and others choose the traditional Groom does not see the Bride until she comes down the aisle. Both are beautiful and special in their own ways. From a photographer’s point of view, well mine anyways, I prefer a First Sight. Reason being that it is a special, even intimate, moment when the Groom sees his Bride in her dress for the first time. When there is a first sight there really is the time to savor and cherish the moment. Also, referring to these images here, there can be some lovely moments captured.

Generally, but not always, the First Sight is a private moment. I take some images and then allow the Bride and Groom to have a few moments together in peace before the day kicks into full gear.

It is every bit as special when the Groom sees his Bride in her dress, for the first time, as she walks down the aisle. Seriously… two very special moments, so similar, yet so different.

Regardless of my opinion I encourage B&Gs to make their own minds up. I just wanted to take a moment out of my editing to share these images. I love these shots and I hope you do too. The family and friends looking on from a distance during the First Sight just added to the whole flavor of this beautiful moment. Thank you Jillian and Brent for allowing me in.

Jillian and Brent | First Sight

Jillian and Brent | First Sight


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