Honored and Grateful

I received this card yesterday from Connie and Isaac on the very day of their wedding. At this point all they have seen are the engagement session photos… which, by the way, are gorgeous… and yes, I am unashamedly biased.

We had actually gotten together on two occasions to shoot engagement shots due to the rain that came down during our first session which put a damper on some of the ideas they had. We had also experienced postponed initial interview meetings due to snowstorms… twice if I remember correctly. It has been a wonderful journey with these two and I am so grateful and so deeply humbled to read such kind words. My words may sound trite but believe me they are from the heart. I am overwhelmed by the places God has let me step into, the doors He has opened and the light that He continues to use to expose His glorious works.

Thank you Connie, Isaac and God… not necessarily in that order. 🙂

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Thank you from Connie and Isaac

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