Jillian and Brent Wedding | The Woods Chapel | Orono, MN.

I met Jillian and Brent through Jillian’s brother Taylor. We shot their engagement session in the Spring. Talk about a couple so meant for each other and so full of personality and love. You could not help but fall in love with these two. I attended and photographed the Groom’s Dinner which took place at Jake O’Connor’s in Excelsior. It was great to get a preview of the day to come and see the various family and friends and how they all related. I’d have provided some of those shots… which were awesome… but in all honesty it was all I could do to whittle this post down to what is being presented. Which is alot. The day was chilly but the surroundings were gorgeous at The Woods Chapel in Orono. For a photographer it was like one of those weddings you dream of doing. The dream can come true and when it does you better be ready to go. I had no help on this wedding, no assistant and no second but yeah… I rocked it. But so did everyone else. The pictures tell the story… just as they should. This was a beautiful wedding on a beautiful day with beautiful people in a beautiful setting. So grateful to have met these two and even more grateful that they gave me this opportunity to peer into their day with my camera.

Please note that this is a pretty graphics intensive post so please give it a moment to load if needed. Thank you! Individual images are at the bottom of the post for those that would appreciate seeing the larger images. 🙂


Minneapolis Wedding | The Woods Chapel | Orono

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