Love Tells The Story Tour | Church of the Open Door | Maple Grove MN

I think I have been waiting for Robbie Seay to return to the twin cities for maybe four years. First time I saw him was with a pastor from our church over at Northwestern College. The music and words of Robbie Seay just put my heart and soul in a proper posture for God to move in and around within. Hard to explain I guess, but it is a good place to be. So I was so excited to hear he was returning for the, Love Tells The Story tour, along with Donald Miller, Derek Webb (Sandra McCracken’s husband) and Sandra McCracken (Derek’s wife). It was a wonderful night of worship and thought provoking words shared. I had not read any of Donald Miller’s books so hearing him was a first. I appreciated and took in what he had to say which blessed many in attendance as well as myself… and we even got to laugh a bit. Music was awesome as probably goes without saying. Thank you Robbie, Derek, Sandra and Donald for coming to our snow covered lands to share with us that which was gifted to you.

Here are some images from evening. More can be found here at my store site.

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