Love, Lighting and Gratefulness

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Elizabeth with her mother Chung and sister Ni.

I never take for granted the places I get to step into being a wedding photographer. People I hardly know letting me into not only a public expression of their love and commitment to one another but also letting me into an intimate space in their lives. Preparatory shots and the interactions between a bride and her family and dearest friends is always a special time. I do not take it lightly that I get to step into these places. One cannot help but be humbled by the site of a mother helping her daughter get into her wedding dress. A friend fixing the brides tiara. The dudes aren’t what I would call intimate but they have their special moments too when guards are let down and you not only see the man but you see the man’s heart.

These places are sacred ground and they should humble any wedding photographer. It should also move them to capture these moments for what they are… windows into the hearts and souls of people.

Yesterday I shot the beautiful wedding of Elizabeth and Pablo and it was a delight. I can’t wait to display some of the images. What a delightfully kind and gracious couple. I was blessed to be a part of their day.

I also stepped out of my comfort zone in reception lighting, and while not perfect, (but then can you ever get perfect reception lighting), it worked out really well and I am pleased. I used an off camera mounted strobe wirelessly triggered. I also had a shoe mounted strobe on my camera. It was tricky working out the settings. The off-camera strobe was set manually as was the on-shoe mounted flash. It all came together quickly though and I am excited to post some of those shots soon too.

Congratulations to you Elizabeth and Pablo! You are a beautiful couple, inside and out,  and will enjoy a long life together I am certain!

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