Mabel At One | Minneapolis Family Portraits

I was so excited to get to spend some time with Mabel again. I first photographed her when she was only five days old. During that session she slept most of the time which did not do a whole lot to prepare me for photographing her now just after she had turned one. Quite a difference. She was very much attracted to the camera and would come crawling at me everytime I started shooting. I had so much fun trying to keep up with her. It was also so very nice to talk and catch-up with Mabel’s Mom and Dad. A very creative couple to be certain with Rebecca’s cooking and David’s web design. I am interested in seeing how Mabel grows and what she does with the incredible life that lays before her. I am blessed to have a window into her life’s journey.

So after our shoot I emailed David and Rebecca a shot to tease them with while they waited for the rest to be processed (I am so mean like that) only to find the next day that they had made a blog post about our shoot the day before. I was very honored by what they wrote.

Thank you David, Rebecca and Mabel. You are a wonderful family and I am so grateful to have been able to take these shots with you all. I sincerely hope we can get together like this for years to come. God bless!


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