Minneapolis Engagement Session | Jessi and Joshua

Jessi and Joshua’s Minneapolis engagement session was shot a little over a week ago. The snow was gone for the most part but it was still sort of chilly.
I had met these two back in January of this year. This was such a crazy cold Winter that we could not help but talk about how we all would love to be in Arizona. I also learned about their mutual love for reading which I think is just great and that element of their relationship made it into this session. They also have a great love for games and that love also made it into this session. Both were firsts for me. I knew, after spending just a little bit of time with them that first meeting, that I wanted to shoot their wedding. A very cute, intelligent and fun couple. The did not mind using the term nerds to describe themselves. Their was just something special about them and so I was excited when they chose me to shoot their wedding which will take place this Spring.

We started this session out at a local nature center. One that I had been to many times before… problem was I had not been there recently. I was not aware that they are clearing out invasive species and quite honestly it looked like a tornado came through the place. It took some walking around before we could find some places to shoot in. But once we all settled in things just seemed to come together… and quite beautifully I’d say. After our time there we moved on to a local “fun” center and got some shots in the arcade area. Thank you to DeAnna and the Brunswick Zone in Blaine for allowing us to invade your space for a while.

So without any further yammering here are some shots from our outing.

Minneapolis Wedding Photography

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