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I appreciate Annie Leibovitz, the little I know about her, for her honesty and down to earth qualities. I have a hard time stomaching some of the photographers out there who, quite honestly think a whole lot more about themselves, than they do their clients. I like to be real, I like being a WYSIWYG kind of person. I don’t have the time or energy to spend on building a facade and it is just too much stinkin’ work.

Anyways… I went to the store today and picked up the book you see in the image. Truth be told, I have not opened it yet. I was so excited just by picking it up that I wanted to get a shot in before I dug into it. Yeah, I know… weird… but the good kind of weird.

I spend quite a bit of time and money on educational type books but sometimes I just want to be fed by something inspiring. To fan the flames of my creativity. So that is what this purchase was based upon. I wanted a meal that would stick with me for awhile and I believe this will. I think, well for myself anyways, I can get so caught up in the technical aspects of photography I can mistakenly neglect the creative part. When we let the pursuit of feeding our creativity go not only do we suffer, but so do our clients. I want to take a good chunk of this cold winter that is just coming up over the horizon to nurture and feed my creativity. It is something I am looking forward to. It has been such a busy year that I have not had the time to sit and drink up… I have felt the dizziness of dehydration. I want to head into the next season fresh and alive.

Here’s to a refreshing and renewing Winter… not something we here often if at all. It’s time to change that!

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Sometimes you need to set aside the how to and instead... fan the flames.

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