Sarah and Stephen’s Minneapolis Wedding

Sarah and Stephen’s Minneapolis wedding took place at Edinburgh USA Golf Club. It was probably the toughest wedding I have shot to date due to the fact that I was sick as a dog and barely had a voice. Thankfully I had my friend Scott second shooting for me and willing to cover for me if I needed to drop out. Have not had a circumstance such as I did that day and hopefully I will not, ever again.

Sarah and Stephen are such a cute and fun couple. Great sense of humor in the both of them. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting their engagement session (which I have yet to post) and spending time with them.

Sarah had lost a brother (Tyler) in recent years and their family was deeply affected by that loss. I had not known them prior to the loss so I don’t know if that pulled them tighter together or if they had been the way they were all along. All I know is that this is one strong family that is filled with love for each other. There was more than once I had to wipe my eyes at this wedding. You will see in one of the image Sarah, with her brother holding up the inside of her dress so you can see Tyler’s initials. While not present physically he was there, for sure.

It was a wonderful and amazing day of love and friendship. A beautiful day all around. Grateful to have met these two. Grateful also to my friend Scott who took the day off work so he could be at my side and ready to step in if I needed to step out. I am happy to say I made it the whole day but that does not lessen the weight of what Scott was holding that day.


Minneapolis Wedding Photography
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