Songs of Redemption | Bill Greenwood

My friend Bill Greenwood has returned to the studio and put together a new CD. Twelve Songs for the Twelve Steps and it is entitled “Crooked Path”.

I have personally known Bill for about five years now. I was also blessed to be the photographer at Bill and Tami’s wedding. I have witnessed him going through some tough circumstances. Not going around, but going through. He has inspired me through our relationship and I can say that his latest release “Crooked Path” will inspire you too.

This recording was four years in the making and during that time I got to hear a handful of the songs, which Bill performed solo on piano. The lyrics have such depth and Bill is just a wonderful piano player. He is accompanied by several musicians on this disc and the music is rich and full. He also adds some other voices to his, including his wife Tami and his daughter.

I received the CD about 24 hours ago and have listened to it numerous times. Bill’s voice may take some getting used to for some of you as it sort of reminds me of Joe Cocker but Bill’s voice is all his own as are his words.

I could go on and on but I won’t. Just get out there and but this disc. You can check it out on Bill’s website or CD Baby.

Lastly… I did about a 20 minute portrait session with Bill a couple of years back. You can see some of the images on his site as well as in the liner notes for the new CD. One image that seldom gets seen is the one I have included here. It is my favorite of all the shots we took in those handful of moments. It’s a storytelling shot… the kind that makes you think and hopefully wonder. It doesn’t capture the light and funny side of Bill which is a big side of him but it does capture the deeper side of Bill as best as I can.

Now go buy his CD 🙂

Musician | Minneapolis Portrait Photography

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