Summah Time

Summer has arrived here in the northlands. While we could still use some days of nice slow soaking rains but we will take it as it comes. It has been plenty warm this past weekend with temps in the 80s. I am believing I take better to 90 in Arizona than I do 80 in Minnesota.
Amidst all sorts of turmoil these past weeks (family illness, physical problems, legal problems) I have managed to get out and shoot some nature shots which always brings me peace and gets my mind off the troubles we all seem to be facing these days.

I also picked up a 2nd flash to not only accompany my second body but now I can have my Canon 430EX act as a slave to a non-firing 580EX II which will give me the opportunity to try my hand at off shoe lighting. I have done some commercial work which maybe I will post which got me using off camera flash and I loved it. It opens up a whole new area of lighting for me. Very cool.

So here some of my latest nature type shots I have taken. The last one is one of my favorites… not necessarily nature but taken in a park… so there 🙂
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