Three Families and a Costanza | Minneapolis Portraits

I have known Reid and Autumn for a handful of years now… actually quite a handful. They are both wonderful people. I have seen them move to marriage and now parenthood with two wonderful children. However I had not ever met anyone else in their family.

Subsequently I was excited when they asked me to shoot their family along with Autumn’s side. But you know you kind of get an idea in your head when you start talking about a session with someone. I can honestly say all ideas went out the window when they got in the studio.

Sometimes a photographer needs to step back and let people be, just be. They all had so much energy, and it was not going to be contained. They were so much fun and so pleasant to be working with that it really turned out to be a session of me just capturing them being their selves.

So with that here are some samples of a wonderful family who one day walked into my studio and just sort of took over the place. (smile)

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