Tick Tock

Time… so many things demanding it, so may requiring it.
Feeling a bit overwhelmed with where I am and where I want to. The last post about grace comes to mind. Where I am at I am not frustrated, that is not it. What the problem seems to be is the taste. I have the taste of what could be and I want it. So, I keep plodding along. Never stagnant, never static. Learning, soaking in, enjoying… that is where I am at.
I am shooting my first wedding this coming weekend. Shooting as a second shooter. I will post some shots afterwards. I am really looking forward to this. I am so pumped. I am grateful to God through who all good things come… this opportunity being one.
This will be short post. Stuff to read tonight. This week will be an interesting one I feel.
Here are some portraits taken this past week. Click to see the full size image.
Peace out

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