North Shore

It was good, actually great, to get away last month up to the north shore of Lake Superior for several days with my lovely bride. The weather was a bit hit and miss but all in all it was a nice time. I really enjoy the beauty of that area and look forward to a trip up there in the dead of winter sometime to see a different type of beauty up there.
I am looking forward to the Fall portrait shoots coming up this month. It should be a great time. As I keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone I am gaining more confidence which spurs me on to push out of my zone even further. It’s growth and I am loving it, and it feels “right”.
Talking about things that feel right I now where glasses as of a couple of weeks ago. I am just starting to get comfortable with them now. Quite an adjustment for me but I have been shooting with them – even in high action situations and I have done well. So, we are bonding.
I have begun shooting for Circus Juventas now which is really a great opportunity for me. They are impressed and pleased with my work so I hope our relationship lasts for some time. It is quite a challenge shooting such a fast moving event. Their shows are fabulous and extravagant. If you can get out to see one of their events do it. It will be time and dollars well spent, and they are pretty easy on the pocketbook. But you will be astonished by what this group of young people can do. Not only what they can do but by the level of precision and professionalism that they perform with, amazing.
Well, I think that is enough for now. More to come soon.
God bless.

Here are some shots from our trip to northern Minnesota. All images available for sale at my store.

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