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I saw a video today of  a wedding photographer speaking as to what he loves about what he does. He was very eloquent in putting words to the same sorts of feelings I have.

I have had to work at setting emotions to the side when shooting a wedding. By nature I am an emotional person so to go against my nature is a learning process. But, the focus needs to be on the B&G and I cannot get swept away in the emotions… that is not good for me… or them. Anyways when it comes time to edit I get to relive those moments just as my wedding couple will when they view the images again, and again, through the years. I often laugh, I often have tears well up as I edit. It’s ok then… I won’t miss anything by taking a moment to take it in again. But, the thing I do most while editing is smile.

So with that I will close and share… and with this share may a smile brighten your face too. (Psst, I will let you in on a little secret that kicks this capture up a notch. The officiating pastor is also the groom’s mother and if this doesn’t make you smile… take a nap.)

Smiles | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

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