We Never Forget Our First Love | Arizona Desert Sunrise (for Deb)

arizona desert sunrise

Arizona Desert Sunrise

Deb has mentioned once or twice… maybe several times, that I do not do as many nature shots as I used to, which is true. These days I have found it hard to find the time to get out. Between taking photographs of people and processing them as well as working my day job (add into that a sick cat that wakes you up at 3AM) and you may very well understand my time constraints. The thing is though that I love doing this type of work. The old saying “we never forget our first love” is certainly true in this case. Oddly enough as I have done more and more portraits and weddings I find myself more and more critical of “non-human” images of mine. Images I would have once thought beautiful I no longer do.

On our last trip to Arizona I managed to get some images that I am really excited about but finding the time to process them is still tough. Again, my criticism of my own work does not move me along rapidly but rather hinders me.

With that… this image is for Deb. She loves this gorgeous state of Arizona and I am in total agreement. I will post some more images down the road which you may see here or more likely here in my Arizona Print Gallery where you can purchase this image as well as others.






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