What Really Matters (Wedding Photography)

I just arrived home from a ten day vacation with Deb and this card was in the mailbox. This card touched my heart and I wanted to share…. it perfectly sums up who I want to be seen, remembered and known as, in as far as a wedding photographer. Thank you Elizabeth and Pablo.

Thank you to Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Shooting a wedding, as I have said, is much more than wielding a camera, anyone can do that… and if you look around on the web, you will find that pretty much anyone does. I am by no means perfect, in fact far far from it. I am even hesitant to make comments from the perspective of a self professed wedding photographer. But I believe that the emotions of the moment, as captured, need to be conveyed. You can see an image of a smile, and that is what it is, nothing wrong with that. But you can see an image of a smile that will pull a tear from your eye. Emotions and moments are what make up this very special day in a Bride’s life. You (we) need to capture these but not only capture but bring them to life in a way that far after those moments are hidden from a bride’s memory she can look at these images and be propelled right back to that moment and that emotion and experience it all over again. Not just glance at the image and move on to the next.


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