Austria and Slovenia Trip 2016 Pt.4

Lake Bled

Here are some Photos from our trip to beautiful Lake Bled. We took a wonderful trip out to the island… can’t imagine how the guys paddling those boats can manage to get through an entire day of rowing. I also loved the street bizarre sort of thing that was going on lakeside. The food and people were great. I truly enjoyed my visit here. A much better choice than Halstatt. We were walking through a shopping area and a bar worker (possibly owner?) asked us if we wanted a coffee or something and we asked “do you have some tequila?” and she did, so in we went. We had a shot (no one seems to have limes in Europe so we always got lemons instead) and it was so good we asked the bartender for another and she just laughed at us. Wonderful place to visit and I would bet, to live. Hope to return one day.

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